Director:  Linda Palmer

Screenwriters:  Brian Beatty & Betsy Morris
Producers:  Brian Beatty, Linda Palmer, Marvin Glover, Colleen Keane

Genre:  Comedy

Dwindling clientele and those damn anti-smoking laws have finally forced veteran bar-owner Murray to close his remote mountain-town watering hole. But when a freak blizzard blows through, his hopes for a quiet closing are dashed when a disparate collection of dysfunctional misfits get stranded together in Murray’s crazy little pub. Between drinks and karaoke, bonds are formed, broken, and blown sky-high. A new life comes into the world, and an old one leaves. And when the plows finally arrive in the morning, no one goes home the same.


Director:  Linda Palmer

Screenwriter:  Linda Palmer

Producers:  Linda Palmer, Mark Cardone, Sandy Robinson, Colleen Keane

Genre:  Drama

A heartbreaking and provocative story set in the confines of small bathroom, as Jared’s world gets smaller and more controlled by a man he doesn’t know, his dementia stricken father, John.  In the midst of the insanity, discarding, and cleansing, a brief moment of clarity offers John the portal to share his past terrors and anguish, and in so doing, gives Jared and the rest of the family a place to start healing from.  

Kate, Jared’s supportive yet assertive wife, gives him some reprieve by taking control of John’s bullying, while their son, Danny, adds a tender humility and shows strength beyond what anybody expects in a teen taking care of a monster.  


Director:  Linda Palmer

Screenwriters:  Linda Palmer & Laree' Griffith
Producers:  Linda Palmer, Mark Cardone, Sandy Robinson

Genre:  Comedy
Distributor:  Leomark Studios

When a single girl, Erin, arrives at her friends Halloween Party, she hesitates going in and then drags in a man dressed as a homeless guy, in order to avoid her ex.   As the night goes on, and many disguises  wear thin,  it turns out the homeless guy is ACTUALLY homeless!  What will all the party goers do now, including Erin, now that they’ve come to know someone without judging them?   


Director:  Todd Wade

Screenwriter:  Chris Pentzell

Producer:  Linda Palmer

Genre:  Comedy

Chris, a superstitious high school teacher, and Kristin, a gorgeous “don’t f*** with me” sportscaster, have broken up.   They are kidnapped and taken to a dark warehouse by their videographer, Virgil Crumb – a crazed man who believes Chris and Kristin ruined his wedding video.  He demands a happy ending and forces them to watch his incomplete video in the hopes that they will see the error of their ways.


Director:  Todd Wade

Screenwriter:  Patrick Hludzenski
Producer:  Linda Palmer

Genre:  Thriller
Distributor:  IFM Releasing

Tina is a website model who becomes a kidnap victim of one of her fans, who holds her in a secret room somewhere and forces her to continue her show on her website so noone notices she's missing.  It's up to her cunning skills to get the message out to her clever fans so they might be able to save her.

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