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Scripts Available

STOLEN HEART (Thriller / Drama)

Written by:

Linda Palmer, Lena Pousette


When a heart transplant recipient discovers that a Falun Gong practitioner was killed to save her, she risks everything to stop organ harvesting in China – even her life!


Winner Best Int'l Thriller | Marina del Rey Film Festival (2021)
Semi-Finalist | Awareness Film Festival 2021
Semi-Finalist | Shore Script Contest 2021

Quarter-Finalist | Page Int'l Screenwriting Awards (2022)

Quarter-Finalist | Scriptation Showcase Script Competion (2021)
Second Rounder | Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (2021)

Preliminary Finalist |Creative World Awards (2021)
Honorable Mention | Page Turner Screenplay Competition (2021)


Written by:

Linda Palmer and Laree' Griffith


When an aging musician is forced to return home to her terminal mother’s RV with her teen daughter, her ex’s pursuit of custody sends the trio on a road trip to follow their dreams with death and court papers hot on their tail.


Finalist | Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition (2022)

Winner Best Family Drama | Silicon Beach Film Festival (2022)

Preliminary Finalist | Creative World Awards (2022)

WICCAWEEN (Comedy, Fantasy, Family)

Written by:

Linda Palmer, Laree' Griffith, Chris Pentzell


A closeted witch must embrace her powers on Halloween to protect her family and friends from an evil ancestor's spirit.


Winner Best Holiday Script | Show Low Film Festival (2021)

Preliminary Finalist | Creative World Awards (2021)


Written by:

Linda Palmer, Priscilla Burnett, Laree' Griffith

A dysfunctional couple, on the brink of divorce, is guilted into vacationing with old friends who attempt to save their marriage but their nightmare toddler just may seal the deal.


Written by:

Linda Palmer, Priscilla Burnett

When Lily, a naïve, sheltered housewife meets Maggie, the embodiment of life, the two embark on a journey that opens Lily’s eyes to a new world and then Maggie dies. Lily must decide to return to her previous life or continue the journey by herself.

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