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Pre-Production & Development


Producers:  Linda Palmer, Marvin Glover, Rae Davis, Mark Davis, Franco Sama
Director: Linda Palmer

Screenwriter:  Linda Palmer & Laree' Griffith

Genre:  Dramedy​

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A disgruntled cafe manager hires a crew of misfits to run the owners business into the ground,
but instead they save his life.

When café owner Peter, leaves his disgruntled manager Henry, to take care of business, Henry instead hires a crew of misfits, including his replacement.   Peter returns to an unrecognizable business but soon learns the value of camaraderie and bonds with the new team.  Only through their help is he able to save his business, his life, and find love.


Producers: Linda Palmer, Deon van Rooyen, Lena Pousette
Screenwriter:   Deon van Rooyen,  Story by:  Linda Palmer

Genre:  Action / Adventure Franchise

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"a female "Rambo" hunting poachers in Africa "Tarantino" style!

Cat Dexx is an ex-Marine  who has the innate ability to walk among lions as she  hunts poachers in Africa, until a gaggle of super rich one percenters, led by Dr. Evan Mankin, have upped the stakes of their trophies, and on the list of top spoils to bring home, are genetically altered super Rhinos, a magnificent Lion hand raised by Cat, as well as Cat herself.


Producers: Linda Palmer, Julia Parker, Krisd Mauga
Screenwriter:   Linda Palmer & Mark Craig  Story by:  Linda Palmer

Genre:  Short Film / Dramedy

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Life's journey...unscripted.

In PASSAGE, Jessie loses her job, apartment, and she and her young daughter, along with their old cat, must move back to her gypsy mom's place; a trailer built for two.  As they contemplate age and priorities, an unexpected event leaves them scrambling for a way to deal with life's journey. In the end, they discover, life is all about how you choose to tend your garden.

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